SAP ABAP Basic Interview Questions

Aditya Aufar
2 min readFeb 5, 2022

I happened to interview a candidate for SAP ABAP Consultant not so long ago. I was maybe just as nervous as the candidate if not more not only because it was my first time to be an interviewer, but also because I got almost no time to prepare. Being an intellectual individual that I am, there was only one place that I could think of to help me prepare in such short notice. Yes, you guess it right. Mr. Google is my savior.

However, it was a bit tricky because the expectation to the candidate is not that high while the most interview questions out there is top-tier questions. So I really had to dig up a bit more and moderate some of the questions.

Therefore, here’s the list of questions that I tried to interview the candidate with:

1. What is Internal Table?
2. What is Work Area or Structure?
3. What is Data Element?
4. What is Domain?
5. What is TR?
6. If QA or PROD object want to be changed, how to change it?
7. Difference between Customizing and Workbench TR?
8. If TR is released, what to do to make another TR ?
9. What to do if Standard Object want to be Changed?
10. Given the standard transaction, how to find out which fields value to be stored in which table?
11. What is the difference between Main Window and secondary Window in smartforms?
12. Do you have experience in Report?
13. If yes, given availability to google, how long can develop report from 2 tables with ALV Grid?
14. How many ways to debug?
15. What is the most complex program you ever built?

In the addition, just in case the questions above are too easy, I also came out with “not so easy” questions. These questions are more in depth and specific to what we needed at the time:

1. Have any experience in ABAP HCM Module? If No, what other modules?
2. Do you have experience in HCM ? what submodule? Can you explain what is infotype? how to update infotype data via ABAP?
3. Do you have experience in Odata to FIORI?
6. Are you familiar with the term Backend and Front End?
7. If Yes, are you also familiar with REST and XML?

Hopefully those questions can help anyone being an interviewer of SAP ABAP candidate or at least inspire anyone to create a better basic SAP ABAP interview questions.