Plan Like The Batman

Aditya Aufar
2 min readAug 28, 2019

I used to be annoyed at my Dad more often than not about how he sees the world. I saw him as a figure who was always being paranoid and skeptical, hence making plans together with him was uneasy. He can think of many scenarios that anything can go wrong in any circumstances. That’s why the plan usually consists of plan A,B,C, D, etc.

However most of the times, the scenario that I don’t consider to happen is the one which actually happens but thanks to Dad it can still be handled properly according to the plan. So yes, it has its perks.

He just considers anything still can be happening doesn’t matter how small the probability, unless it’s zero. His way of thinking really refers to the Murphy’s law:

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

I grew up idolizing Batman because he is so relatable as he is just a human being who has no superpower, unlike most superheroes, yet still considered to be one of the most powerful superheroes.

There are many elements that make him great but one that intrigued me that he seems never runs out of plan as he often still have something up his sleeves. This must have been thought by Batman beforehand. That’s why he’s called master strategyst. No wonder he is up there, eventhough just a human, being the founding member of the Justice League along with powerful superheroes such as Superman and Wonderwoman.

This video below is the scene from animated movie Justice League: Legion of Doom which shows how Batman already have plan to neutrilize the members of the Justice League because he thinks it’s necessary just in case they go rogue. The members think the plan is unnecessary and Batman just being paranoid but this just shows how far Batman has planned for any possible outcome in the future because it is unimaginable if superhero as strong as Superman can not be contained if he turns to the other side.

So then I realise, Dad is not being paranoid and skeptical all this time. He’s just being Batman, a master strategyst and planner. It is important to consider many possibilities while making a plan.

There is a thin line between being paranoid and prepared. But sometimes, it is worth the time to create plan B,C,D, etc. , as long we are not overthinking it and the probabiliy of something happened that being considered is big enough. That way, we always have alternatives because not everyting within our control.

Because according to Benjamin Franklin:

If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail