Export Objects from SAP System to Github Indirectly (ABAPGIT Offline Mode)

The Appetizer

As an SAP ABAP Consultant I have experienced that the requirements and the solutions can be identical or even exactly the same across projects or clients. Well, I can actually copy manually the codes or solutions and paste it locally in notepad or in any other code editor.

  1. Github has huge community of developers. Not only SAP ABAP, but others too! Once you upload it to Github it can accessed to all Githhub community members. Others may find your solutions or codes helpful or even can lend you a hand so your solutions can be better! However you can also set your account to private if your purpose is just to backup your code.
  2. Your Github account can also represents your code portfolio because it shows what you you have been working on. Additionally, you can also add README file that can explains in short what the codes or solutions all about.

The Main Course

The best practice surely to export the objects from SAP system using ABAPGIT to Github directly (the online approach). That’s why the steps regarding that approach should be found easily on the Internet.


Download and install Git in your local machine here https://git-scm.com/downloads (This article will only cover the Windows in the local system)

The Steps

1.Open or execute the ABAPGIT program in the SAP system. Click New Offline button



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