Effective Communication to Developers for Quick Bug Fixing

The Critical Level

As I mentioned above, yes this element needs to be informed to the developers because bugs or issues can come several at the time. We developers are not superhuman computers, we can’t solve several issues or bugs at once. Hence, we need the critical level for prioritization.

The Simulation

Even though I said earlier we are not superhuman computers, we tend to think like one. Sometimes all we care about is input and output, especially in desperate times. So in order for the bugs or issues to be resolved quickly, better get to the point. Tell us or show us the simulation on how the issue or bug produced (the input) and how is the expected outcome from the input. In short, 3 things must be informed: what is the input, what is the actual outcome, and what is the expected outcome.

The Business Process

This part is additional information for developers. Surely in such a short notice this can not always be informed to the developers properly. But if time is on your side, this part is always useful. Sometimes by acknowledging the business process or how the user uses the system, we developers can even provide better solutions than the expected output. This part can also spark disagreements or discussions from developers so make sure the bug is not on a high critical level or there is still plenty of time to work on this.



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